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It’s still a bit chilly here in the PNW but spring is in the air! I can feel it. The birds are chirping in the morning. The daffodils, cherry blossoms, and crocuses are starting to bloom. The air is still crisp but I can feel it coming. Oh, the sunshine is blissful!

With these weather changes, figuring out what to wear each day can be challenging. Some days it starts out sunny + cold and then changes to rain in the afternoon. Sweater or long-sleeved shirt, cropped jeans or leggings, sandals or boots? I mean, what’s a girl to do! SO. MANY. DECISIONS.

I’ll admit, when I first moved to this west side of the mountains (from the much drier and sunnier east side) I was clueless on how to dress appropriately for the weather, especially in between the seasons. I’ve since figured out that layers are the most critical component to dressing for comfort in the Pacific Northwest. No matter what time of the year!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be featuring some of my favorite outfits I’ve been wearing during this odd time of the year. This grey + pink outfit was perfect on a sunny, dry day but still kept me warm because of this awesome sweater! I had been looking high and low for a sweater that could be worn year-round, was just the right shade of grey (not too light, not too dark) and had some feminine details.  I also needed it to go with a variety of outfits – from casual to date night. I finally found the perfect sweater a couple months ago at Nordstrom and serendipitously had a gift card! The first one from Nordstrom listed below is my actual sweater.

As you can see, it was full-on sunshine this day and the sweater was the perfect amount of warmth I needed with this outfit. Underneath the sweater I wore this roll cuff t-shirt that I found at Costco. It’s a beautiful light pink color, the perfect weight (a little heavier than standard t-shirt weight) and I like the tunic length. PLUS, it just happened to match the color of my pink jeans. I couldn’t have planned it better if I’d tried! It comes in four colors and will be a great addition to my closet this summer.

A few other pink shirts that would work, depending on your personal style.

It was FINALLY not raining so I hauled out my pink jeans! I love these jeans. They are from Target by Mossimo and are high rise. Super-comfy and the length is just perfect for me. I think these are the exact pair on clearance! Thank goodness the pink craze is still in full force because I found quite a few pairs that are similar.

Holy cow! There are a ton of pink sneakers to choose from out there. It was overwhelming, frankly. My pink sneakers are a Steve Madden knockoff from Target last year but they are still available! I wear them a couple times a week and am so tempted to get them in the greige color they come in. Here are a few others that I’m loving right now, including the actual Steve Madden originals.

And finally, my scarf. In my opinion, a scarf or piece of jewelry can take any outfit up a notch. I often find one or the other to be just the perfect piece to tie the whole ensemble together. You can see what I mean below. The picture on the left features my outfit without a scarf. It’s kind of just ho-hum. But add the scarf and not only are you warmer, but you have taken the outfit up to a whole other level. It ties in the pink and grey so well! This a great article from Who What Wear that talks about the “third-piece rule.” They define the third piece as an “extra outfit element such as a jacket, blazer, sweater, vest or statement accessory.” In this case, I went with the statement accessory. Sometimes I’ll add a statement necklace instead. Those are kind of my go-to’s but you can mix it up!

So, back to the scarf. This one is old from Nordstrom. And sadly, it’s sold out. I found some others that would work with this outfit as well.

Here are some fun necklaces that would work instead of a scarf. If you have a high neckline on your shirt it’s better to go with a pendant-style necklace. I’m loving all of the tassel options right now!

Do you have a favorite outfit you wear that easily transitions from winter to spring? I’d love to see pics in the comments below. Do you have a specific outfit you’d like me to style? Let me know!

Have a great weekend and be sure to check back on Monday for my latest beauty review!

xo, Sonjia

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